I-CARE About Experience

At Catholic Health we embody our mission and I-CARE values by placing the patient at the center of everything we do. Our care team is committed to providing safe, high quality care to patients with Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence.

I-CARE Values


Every Patient...Every Time

Patient experience at Catholic Health is focused on delivering the best health care experience across all healthcare locations. Our Care Team strives to deliver patient-centered, compassionate, empathetic and connected care by elevating every interaction using the I-CARE About Experience Daily Principles.  These principles are the foundation of expected behaviors for our employees that will help us deliver an exceptional level of care.

Our goal is to ensure that we meet every patient’s expectations by actively listening, involving them in decisions about their health care, providing clear expectations, and treating them with courtesy and respect. As we keep the patient at the center of everything we do, we will foster better care experiences for our patients and ultimately increase health outcomes, Every Patient... Every Time.

Best Practice in Patient Experience

Catholic Health is on a transformational journey and working hard to ensure every patient encounter is an exceptional experience. The Patient Experience team through collaboration with Catholic Health leadership has instituted the following best practices to elevate our communication strategies.

  • Purposeful Rounding. Patients are most comfortable when they know what to expect.  Purposeful rounding sets expectations and proactively responds to patient’s needs. Care team members consistently check on patients to make sure the patients are safe, comfortable and that their needs are met.
  • Bedside Shift Report. The goal of bedside shift report is to keep the patient and family members involved in the patients’ care, while ensuring safe handoff at the change of shift.  Patients are informed and reassured as the care team members acknowledge their concerns and goals. 
  • Rounding to Influence (Patient Experience). Catholic Health leaders round monthly on care team members to review select I-CARE Behaviors. During this time leaders collect concerns, gain commitment for consistent use of our experience principles, and celebrate success by recognizing team members for delivering an exceptional experience.  

These tools coupled with continuous education and positive reinforcement for our physicians, clinical staff and non-clinical staff will help us strive to provide exceptional health care services to our local community—every patient, every time.

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