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Admission Policy

It is the policy of Catholic Health Services to ensure equal opportunity to applicants to the CPE program and to select into the program those students who will most benefit from the training. All students accepted into the program shall be able, with reasonable accommodation, to physically perform the duties of chaplain intern. At all levels students need to sustain sufficient physical and emotional health to deliver pastoral care and to establish and maintain relationships at significant levels.

Admission to CPE is based upon:

1.    Candidate submitting a written application using the general application form.
2.    An interview with a certified CPE supervisor or a designated interviewer, to determine the following qualities:

  • The candidate’s self-understanding and reasons for entering CPE;
  • Reflective ability and openness to learning, change and growth;
  • Willingness to learn through the action-reflection model of learning;
  • Potential as a pastoral care provider.

3.    Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Theological Training preferred;
4.    Identification with a faith group;
5.    Ability to self-motivate and demonstrate initiative;
6.    Ability to develop identity as pastoral minister;
7.    Capacity to tolerate emotional stress and function in high-pressure situations;
8.    Acceptance by the certified CPE Supervisor.

Application fee of $25 to accompany application.


Extended unit: $850 tuition fee each.

  • A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required on confirmation of acceptance.
  • Payment of balance, $725 tuition on the first day of the unit

Residency: Tuition waived.

  • Stipend for Residency Program: $27,000 plus benefits.

Admission to Residency requires all the above, plus one unit of CPE.

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The CPE program is currently in transition, pending the employment of a Clinical Pastoral Educator.