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Catholic Health provides behavioral health care services throughout Long Island. Behavioral health treatment is designed to improve the life and well-being of those with a mental health condition, mental illness or substance abuse issue.

Our licensed professionals customize plans for specific situations and needs since treatment is different for each person. We take this patient-centered approach to ensure you get the care that is most appropriate.

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    Catholic Health Central Intake Service

    Our Central Intake Service can help you find appropriate behavioral health care. Our licensed clinicians will conduct a prompt, thorough psychosocial evaluation to determine which Catholic Health programs are right for you.

    Call 516-705-2248 for more information.

    The outpatient clinic at Mercy Hospital (Rockville Centre, NY) treats adults with depression, anxiety, family conflicts, emotional issues and psychiatric illnesses. Treatments include:

    • Biopsychosocial assessment and treatment planning—addressing the biological, psychological and social factors that contribute to a mental health or substance abuse issue
    • Case management
    • Community consultation and education
    • Co-occurring disorders treatment—treatment for a mental health condition that developed from or contributed to a substance abuse issue
    • Crisis management
    • Discharge planning
    • Health screening and referral
    • Individual, family and group therapy
    • Ketamine therapy–drug treatment for depression
    • Medication management, education and administration
    • OnTrackNY program
    • Psychiatric evaluation
    • Psychopharmacotherapy—the use of medicine to treat mental health disorders

    OnTrackNY is a program for young adults aged 16 to 30 who have experienced psychotic symptoms for more than one week but less than two years. A specialized clinical team offers support through:

    • Family education and support
    • Help with finding a job or returning to school
    • Medication management
    • Psychiatric treatment
    • Substance abuse treatment
    • Other support services as needed

    This program is offered through Mercy Hospital (Rockville Centre, NY).

    Comprehensive Behavioral Health Services & Programs

    Our dedicated and compassionate team of behavioral health specialists provide care across Long Island. 

    The clinical experts at Mercy Hospital (Rockville Centre, NY) are available to talk if you're experiencing a psychiatric or emotional emergency. Our caring staff will assess your situation and provide information and referrals.

    Call 516-705-2304 for more information.

    Our inpatient psychiatry units treat mental health disorders including schizophrenia, bipolar and depressive disorders. Our experienced, caring staff works with other medical units to ensure you receive comprehensive care.

    Inpatient psychiatric care is available at:

    • Mercy Hospital (Rockville Centre, NY)
    • St. Catherine of Siena Hospital (Smithtown, NY)

    Mercy Hospital (Rockville Centre, NY) offers this outpatient program, which focuses on intensive treatment for five hours a day, five days a week. The program is for an adult with a mental illness or an adult with both a mental illness and a chemical dependency who have severe psychiatric symptoms. This can be an alternative to hospitalization or it can be a step-down program to decrease the length of an inpatient stay.

    Treatments include:

    • Biopsychosocial assessment—addressing the biological, psychological and social factors that contribute to a mental health or substance abuse issue
    • Psychiatric evaluation
    • Health screening and referral
    • Treatment planning
    • Group and individual therapy
    • Medication management, education and administration
    • Activity therapy
    • Family support and education
    • Crisis intervention
    • Discharge planning
    • Case management

    Catholic Health offers a range of services to help individuals with detoxification, rehabilitation and recovery.

    View substance abuse services

    Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) sends controlled electrical currents to your brain while you are under anesthesia. The procedure may be an option if you have major depression or bipolar disorder and other treatments have not worked. Our experienced staff uses the most advanced equipment to relieve symptoms with fewer side effects. We can treat you if you have an implanted pacemakers, implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) or another device.

    Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is offered at:

    • Mercy Hospital (Rockville Centre, NY)
    • St. Catherine of Siena Hospital (Smithtown, NY)

    Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a noninvasive procedure that uses magnetic fields to cause an electric current to a specific area of your brain. This treatment may be an option if you have a depression diagnosis and other treatments have not worked.

    Mercy Hospital (Rockville Centre, NY) offers Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).

    We help patients recover mental and physical functioning impacted by neurologic conditions or brain injuries.

    View neurologic rehabilitation services

    View brain and spine services

    Our in-home services act as a “bridge” to help with the transition from inpatient to outpatient care. Through Catholic Home Care, we can connect you with outpatient programs in the community.

    View Catholic Health Home Care services

    The emergency departments at all Catholic Health hospitals across Long Island are equipped to help with mental health emergencies. A member of the medical staff completes an evaluation and coordinates an in-person or telepsychiatry consultation with a psychiatrist. Telepsychiatry is a video telehealth session with an on-call psychiatrist.

    St. Francis Hospital & Heart Center® (Roslyn, NY) offers a four-session stress management program for those experiencing anxiety, pain, sleep problems, caretaker stress and more. A licensed psychologist and psychotherapist lead group discussions on topics such as relaxation techniques, stress indicators, anger management and negative thinking.

    Call 516-629-2038 for more information.

    Good Shepherd Hospice provides a range of bereavement services for adults, children and families who are grieving the death of a loved one, including:

    • Adult services. Short-term counseling, support groups, remembrances and workshops on grief during the holidays
    • Children and family services. Specialized support, programs geared to children, two-day camp for children.
    • Community services. School support services, crisis intervention, workshops, specialized programming and community resources and referrals.

    View Good Shepherd Hospice bereavement services

    Dial 9-1-1 now if this a medical emergency.

    24-Hour Crisis Service: 516-705-2248

    Central Intake Service: 516-705-3400 x 3230

    Suicide Prevention Resources

    If you're thinking about suicide, are worried about a friend or loved one, or would like emotional support, the Lifeline network is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week across the United States. 

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

    800-273-TALK (800-273-8255)

    Crisis Text Line:

    Text "Got5" to 741-741

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    Behavioral Health Care Team

    Catholic Health’s experienced professionals offer high-quality care focused on treating you with compassion and respect.

    Our behavioral health team includes:

    • Board-certified and board-eligible psychiatrists
    • Psychiatric nurse practitioners
    • Licensed clinical social workers
    • Registered nurses
    • Licensed mental health counselors
    • Activities therapists
    • Licensed creative arts therapist
    • Behavioral health aides

    Ronald Brenner, MD
    Chief, Catholic Health Behavioral Health Service Line 
    Chair, Behavioral Health at Mercy Hospital 

    Lawrence Ferber, Ph.D
    Director, Behavioral Health Central Intake Services at Catholic Health

    David Flomenhaft, LCSW, Ph.D
    Director, Mental Health Clinic at Mercy Hospital 

    Mary Ellen Conrad
    Director, Nassau County Behavioral Health Day Programs 

    Barbara O’Neill 
    Director, Psychiatry at St. Catherine of Siena Hospital 

    • Dr. Ronald Brenner, Mercy Hospital, St. Charles Hospital
    • Dr. Louis Teitelbaum, Good Samaritan Hospital
    • Dr. Kenneth Kahaner, St. Francis Hospital & Heart Center®
    • Dr. Stanley Rabinowitz, St. Joseph Hospital
    • Dr. Shelley Epstein, St. Catherine of Siena Hospital

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