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You probably already know that adding physical activity and exercise to your daily routine is an effective way to protect your health and improve your quality of life. But do you know how much exercise you're getting? Can you tell if you’re making progress? A fitness tracker could be the answer.

Fitness trackers use sensors to monitor your daily movements. Some are simple pedometers that give you a daily step count. Others use sophisticated technology to record data including heart rate, sleep habits, body temperature and perspiration levels. And, of course, the number of steps you take.

Studies show that wearing a fitness tracker can be an effective motivator that helps you monitor and increase your physical activity levels. 

What features do you need? 

Depending upon what fitness tracker brand and model you choose, these features may be offered. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

  • Blood-oxygen tracker
  • Exercise monitor and record keeping
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Magnetometer to detect movement and the direction you’re going
  • Step counter
  • Sleep monitor
  • Waterproof

What display do you prefer?

Advanced fitness trackers typically display their data with words, symbols and numbers on the device’s face—similar to a traditional wristwatch. Others feature an LED display or require the use of a special app. Different people prefer different displays. Preview before you purchase to ensure you like what you see.


Talk to your physician first

Always talk to your physician before making a significant change to your activity level.

Even the most advanced fitness trackers are not always foolproof. They use complicated algorithms and innovative technology to measure your activity levels and your body’s corresponding response. Use the data they produce to help monitor your health and activity and talk to your physician about any results that concern you.

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