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As we prepare for the holiday season, and a hopeful return to a more familiar and traditional experience, here are some helpful tips for safely gathering with family and friends.

Last year, people may have been alone or hosted small gatherings. This year may see the return of larger gatherings.

I recommend to my patients that they make a list if they are anxious and overwhelmed. Writing a list of pros and cons for all of your holiday plans and events allows you to be in control.

Look at the list and say: "I can do these two events but maybe I’ll skip going to the third one."

Or, maybe you decide to exchange presents by mail instead of in-person. This creates a sense that you are in control of the situation and keeping your family safe.

While this year may be more like traditional holiday seasons, we can't go back to a complete sense of normalcy. I encourage your family and your loved ones to be vaccinated following CDC recommendations. 

View CDC recommendations for safely celebrating the holiday

View CDC vaccine recommendations

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