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Neva Bolding

Neva Bolding, RN, Program Director, Center for Hyperbaric Medicine & Wound Healing at St. Catherine of Siena Hospital


What is your background?

I started my nursing career in home care over 10 years ago. Within a year of obtaining my nursing license, I was hired in correctional health as a charge nurse. Within three months, I was promoted to nurse educator. Over the span of my career I have worked as a nurse supervisor, wound care nurse and assistant director of nursing.


Why did you choose wound care? 

Wound care chose me! Wound care is a fascinating specialty that encompasses the patient as a whole, not just their wounds. I love investigating the root cause of a problem and helping patients return to an acceptable quality of life.


What is your role at the center?

As program director, I help develop and nurture relationships between the center and community providers.  I help facilitate post discharge care for patients in need of wound care and/or hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Mostly, I promote the service line as wound care is an essential service.


Why is wound care essential?

Wound care is essential because, left untreated, a simple wound can fester into a multitude of health complications. Abrasions can turn to cellulitis. An abscess can lead to gas in the soft tissue. Bone infection, systemic blood infection, sepsis and even the loss of life can result from an untreated wound. Wound care is essential to maintaining function and mobility, and to reduce the chances of hospital admissions.


What makes you passionate about your job?

I love my job. I love what I do. I love helping people. This job doesn’t feel like work. It’s more like an extension of who I am. I enjoy helping people realize their potential, connecting them to needed resources and watching their lives change for the better.


How does care at the wound care clinic differ from care at a provider’s office?

We specialize in the advanced treatment of wounds. We have providers in various disciplines, including plastic surgery, general and vascular surgery, and podiatry. The average provider’s office would not stock the amount of wound care dressings and cellular tissue products that we use. Additionally, we offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy as an adjunctive treatment to assist in the wound healing process.


What do you think is unique about your team?

My team is awesome!  I can’t say enough good things about the providers and nurses with whom I work. They are truly dedicated to our patients and view each person as an individual with individual needs. This isn’t a one size fit most or all. This is truly a team who exemplifies compassion and caring.


Are there any success stories that stand out to you?

There are many success stories. One that stands out is a young wife and mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. She had post-surgical, non-healing wounds and low tissue oxygen. The entire wound care team cared for this patient. We provided medical treatment as well as emotional support, empathy and compassion to helped this patient during a very difficult time. She went on to heal, become cancer free. She even wrote a book!


What else should we know about your center?

Our staff are friendly, welcoming and accommodating. We want people to know that we are here. We can help you, you are important to us and we hear you!

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