Oncology and Cardiology Expertise

The cardio-oncology program at Catholic Health is a partnership between the Cancer Institute at St. Francis Hospital & Heart Center® (Roslyn, NY) and the hospital's cardiac imaging department. Our program is one of the few of its kind on Long Island, as well as in New York State, that brings together cardiology and oncology expertise to provide optimal cardiovascular care for cancer patients during and after their treatment. Patients have access to leading experts in cardiac imaging, cardiac surgery, heart failure and vascular surgery.

Comprehensive Cardio-Oncology Care

  • Access to advanced cardiovascular resources during cancer treatment.
  • Close cardiac monitoring before, during and after treatment.
  • Consultation and evaluation with a cardiologist.
  • Identification of existing or potential heart disease.
  • Intervention if heart problems develop during or after cancer treatment.
  • Observation and monitoring before, during and after cancer therapy.
  • Screening for potential issues after treatment is completed.
  • Treatment for systemic amyloidosis, or excessive protein buildup in organs.
  • Care for patients who present with heart failure following traditional treatments, including anthracyclines, radiation, and newer agents like trastuzumab and tyrosine kinase inhibitors.

Advanced Imaging Services

  • 2D and 3D echocardiography—provides a dimensional view of the heart
  • Cardiac biomarkers—evaluates heart function
  • Cardiac MRI—produces detailed pictures of the area in and around the heart
  • Strain imaging—evaluates heart muscle function

Learn more about our cardiac imaging services

Cardiovascular Toxicity

Advanced cancer treatment options have significantly improved the survival rates for cancer patients. But the chemicals and radiation used to kill cancer cells can also destroy healthy cells in and around your heart. This is called cardiovascular toxicity, which increases if you have existing heart disease or develop heart problems during or after your cancer treatment.

Cardiovascular toxicity is a serious health problem. It increases your risk of developing heart failure, affects your heart’s rhythm and could limit your cancer treatment options. In some cases, cardiovascular toxicity can be fatal. Prevention and early detection are essential to protecting your heart health.

Catholic Health's heart and cancer experts work side-by-side to identify and treat potential heart issues before they become significant health problems. Care continues if you develop heart issues during or after treatment.

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Call 516-626-0700 to make an appointment or refer a patient to the cardio-oncology program located at:

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In addition to treating patients from the Cancer Institute at St. Francis Hospital & Heart Center®, referrals are also accepted from other hospitals and local oncology practices.

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