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Catholic Health Services (CHS) sees every cancer patient as a unique individual, not a statistic. Our highly-skilled team of physicians, nurses, social workers, nurse navigators and related health care professionals provide a team-based, multidisciplinary approach from diagnosis to personalized treatment plans to side-effect management and survivorship. Under the direction of CHS service line chair Bhoomi Mehrotra, MD, patients receive state-of-the-art cancer treatment delivered with CHS's signature commitment to compassionate care.

Now, our affiliation with Roswell Park, one of New York State's leading cancer research institutes, brings expanded access to groundbreaking clinical research and exclusive trials to Long Island. Additionally, CHS is now a member of Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology.


Cancer Care Navigation

CHS care navigators provide individualized assistance throughout your journey. As specially trained registered nurses, our navigators help patients, their families and caregivers through their path of care from coordinating appointments and providing emotional support to assisting with insurance challenges and follow-up care.

Infusion Services

CHS infusion centers provide the highest quality, technologically advanced outpatient care in a medically-supervised, harmonious environment designed around patient comfort and convenience.

Radiation Therapy

CHS offers state-of-the-art radiation oncology directed by oncologists known across the NY/Long Island region for their expertise in various types of radiation therapy. This includes Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) for the treatment of brain tumors and Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) for the treatment of tumors in the lung, pancreas, prostate, bone and other sites.

Surgical Oncology

CHS provides advanced surgical care, including minimally invasive and robot-assisted procedures. Leading-edge technology, combined with the expertise of our surgeons and multidisciplinary teams, allows us to perform many surgeries on an outpatient basis.

Inpatient Care

Hospital patients receive coordinated care from medical oncologists, surgeons, hematologists, immunologists and an interdisciplinary team of navigators, nurses, social workers and dietitians. Our Magnet Recognition® for excellence in nursing care testifies to our high level of patient care and satisfaction.

Clinical Research

CHS is partnered with Roswell Park, one of New York State's leading cancer research institutes. Our community affiliation gives our patients expanded access to the newest clinical trials, which help us push the boundaries in cancer treatment.

Nutritional Counseling

Oncology dietitians offer education and support for patients throughout their continuum of care. The development of a personalized nutrition care plan can improve response to therapy and promote recovery.

Pastoral Care

The integration of spiritual, emotional, social, psychological and physical care are critical in promoting healing. By working collaboratively with oncologic health care providers, our chaplains provide spiritual care to patients and their families of all religious affiliations.


"The field of oncology has made such major strides in the past three to five years based upon novel research. All of those advances have happened because individuals participated in clinical trials. We are now expanding access to these novel compounds, novel therapies right here in Long Island, rather than making patients travel." - Bhoomi Mehrotra, MD, Chair of Cancer Services, Catholic Health Services


CHS offers cancer care at locations throughout Long Island.

CHS CANCER INSTITUTES: Good Samaritan Hospital
Mercy Medical Center
St. Francis Hospital
St. Joseph Hospital

CANCER SERVICES: St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center
St. Charles Hospital

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Our centers of oncology excellence are staffed by recognized experts in oncology who work together in a multidisciplinary approach. All the related oncological disciplines are brought together: medical oncology, surgical oncology, infusion therapy, and radiation oncology.

This enables us to provide our patients with a tailored medical strategy suited to each individual's needs.

Our comprehensive support services further assist patients, from our dedicated oncology social workers, nurse navigators, and dietitians, to our pastoral care chaplains, a hallmark of CHS.


CHS's partnership with Roswell Park, one of New York State's leading cancer research institutes, gives our patients access to the newest clinical trials, which are continually helping to push back the boundaries in cancer treatments.

We are seeing many new developments in oncology with novel immunotherapies for several tumor types, as well as the ability to sequence tumor DNA for advanced cancers. Additionally, improved diagnostic imaging modalities with several new FDA approved nuclear isotopes have helped strengthen our ability to diagnose, stage and treat various forms of cancer.


The finest oncology specialists in our region, working together as one team - yours.

Bhoomi Mehrotra, MD

Chair of Cancer Services
Catholic Health Services
St. Francis Hospital

Gary Gecelter, MD

Chair of Surgery
Catholic Health Services
St. Francis Hospital