Gianna Center of Long Island Presentations

The Gianna Center of Long Island for Women’s Health & Fertility provides information on restorative women's health care to the community. Medical Director Paul Carpentier, MD, CFCMC, and Jamey Hutchinson, RN, BSN, CFCP, are pleased to offer the following presentations and related topics in support of marriage and families, requested by your group:

  • "What Is NaProTECHNOLOGY™ and How Will It Benefit Me, My Marriage and My Family?"
  • "Infertility: Land of 1,000 Causes...and Cause-Directed Solutions!"
  • "Teenage Women and Healthy Cycling"
  • "Women's Health: PMS, Menopause and Staying Healthy"

We can come to your facility, or your group could potentially be scheduled for a session at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center (1000 Montauk Highway, West Islip), Mercy Medical Center (1000 North Village Avenue, Rockville Centre) or one of our other hospitals closer to you: St. Francis Hospital, St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center, St. Joseph Hospital or St. Charles Hospital.

In addition to the topics to the left, the presentation could include a formal introduction to the FertilityCare tracking of a woman’s cycle. All interested participants are offered the opportunity to register and continue their FertilityCare training and receive charting materials. The typical cost is $35 per couple (husband/wife, mother/daughter, engaged couples), but other arrangements could be made. For more information and for assistance in planning your event, please call our center at (631) 376-3232.  

Here are some videos providing additional information about the Gianna Center:

Floating CTA Show: