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Prostate Cancer Treatment Leads To Re-energized Lifestyle

September 23, 2020
Richard Koster

“I wish I hadn’t waited so long,” said Richard Koster regarding the PSA exam that changed his life. “I knew my prostate was enlarged, but I put off facing the situation, hoping meds would get me through. When I finally got the PSA and the results showed a very high count, I knew it was time to act.”

Koster turned to Christopher S. Atalla, DO, of Catholic Health Services’s Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center, who confirmed that he had prostate cancer. After reviewing all the options, the Ronkonkoma resident opted to have the prostate removed entirely.

Dr. Atalla is an expert in robotic surgery and robotic prostatectomy.  “It wasn’t a painful recovery at all,” recalls Koster. “All I took in the days after was Extra Strength Tylenol.”

“What made Richard's case unique is that not only did he have prostate cancer but also he was suffering from symptoms of a very enlarged prostate,” said Dr. Atalla. “In removing Richard’s prostate, we were able to cure his prostate cancer and alleviate his urinary symptoms.”

The 71-year-old father and grandfather is now back to one of his favorite pastimes, fresh water fishing on Blydenburgh Lake. “I feel better than I have in years,” he said.  “I no longer need to make five trips to the bathroom each night, which means I’m getting a full night’s sleep. That’s given me back my energy and alertness. I’m living better than I have in years.”

Koster credits Dr. Atalla and the entire staff at Good Samaritan Hospital. “The medical team was wonderful throughout, before and after the operation; all very professional, yet very comforting,” said Koster. “My only advice for any man out there who’s dealing with prostate issues is don’t delay. Get that PSA and know what you’re dealing with as soon as possible.”