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Safety Measures Foster Tech Savvy Seniors at CHS Nursing Home

August 19th, 2020
Raymond Healey

“I can see for myself how well cared for my grandfather is at Catholic Health Services’s (CHS) Our Lady of Consolation (OLC) Nursing and Rehabilitative Care Center,” says Caitlin Stoehrer, a recreational therapist at the facility. Her grandad, Raymond Healey, has been a resident for more than one year.

“When the COVID crisis struck, our teams moved fast to isolate those infected from those who weren’t,” says Stoehrer. “My grandfather’s health was never compromised, but naturally it was hard not being able to visit him each day, as I normally would. My unit is just down the hall from his, but we pay strict attention to all our safety precautions, so for three months our visits were via FaceTime. I had my first child a few months back and my grandfather really loves to see my little boy through our virtual visits.”

At 96, Healey remains alert and engaged, scooting around in his wheelchair. “I’m getting familiar with all this ‘virtual visit’ stuff,” he says with a smile. “My recreational therapist, Jennifer Cruz, got me all set up. It makes my day seeing my great grandson.”

Stoehrer gives a lot of credit to Healey’s aide, Millie Opurum. “For those three months, I couldn’t visit in person, Millie was his constant companion, seeing to my grandfather’s needs and keeping his spirits up. That’s what makes all the difference in a nursing home’s effectiveness; people who extend themselves. Not just because it’s the professional thing to do, but because it’s the humane thing to do.”

Our great thanks to Caitlin, Millie and Jennifer for reflecting our CHS values so well.