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Precision Angioplasty

Interventional Cardiology at the Highest Level

Catholic Health Services is a leader when it comes to minimally invasive coronary interventions. Our team of cardiovascular experts at St. Francis Hospital, The Heart Center® in Roslyn uses 3-dimensional intravascular imaging to lead them in the precise placement of stents, customizing the necessary length and diameter to the exact millimeter. There’s no guesswork in this procedure—called ‘Precision Angioplasty’—which greatly improves outcomes by reducing the possibility of a recurrence of arterial blockage.

Precision angioplasty refers to PCIs guided by 3D intravascular imaging to place the stent as precisely as possible so as to pre-empt any future issues.

Most hospitals are still using 2-dimensional imaging to guide the placement of coronary stents, which entails the physician estimating the best placement and length of each stent. CHS’s expert use of state-of-the-art 3-dimensional intravascular imaging yields the most accurate angioplasty procedure.

And, because St. Francis Hospital is part of the CHS integrated health system, its cardiovascular physicians are able to perform the same quality of PCIs in its sister hospital in West Islip, Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center. The program will soon expand to several other CHS hospitals on Long Island.

Call 1-888-HEARTNY (1-888-432-7869) for more information about CHS’s expertise in precision angioplasty.