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Phil Marra

Phil Marra has been with Catholic Health for 16 years. He started as an engineer in plant operations at St. Joseph Hospital. Recently, he was promoted to assistant director of Plant Operations. Phil and his team are responsible for ensuring that everything within his campus works as it should. That spans the roof, the windows, the automated doors, the telephones, television screens, the water, the heat, the elevators and much more.

“St. Joseph Hospital is not only a place where people come for first rate health care,” said Phil, “but also a place where thousands of employees come to do their life-saving work. All our tools and supporting assets, from the electrical work to the plumbing, all needs to function at the highest level. People’s lives are depending on it. So we take that very seriously.”

Phil takes pride in his ability to make St. Joseph Hospital shine. “We’re responsible for the paint, the molding, the doors, the lobby design—everything that goes into presenting ourselves as a clean, modern, welcoming hospital for all those who need our service.”

How does Phil measure his own effectiveness?  “When I hear the staff tell me how nice the building looks or a new work space or new suite of rooms, that’s when I light up. It tells me the work we do is being noticed and hitting the mark.”

Phil is quick to issue compliments of his own. “St. Joseph is filled with good people—quality people who come together each day to do their best. You can always depend on those around you to help you out,” said Phil. “It’s very motivating to work with such a can-do team.”

Clearly, Phil is a big part of the winning team at St. Joseph Hospital. Thank you, Phil, for living the Catholic Health mission.

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