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Heart failure is a serious and debilitating health condition. At Catholic Health, we give the highest level of care to help you better manage your condition and reduce the frequency and duration of hospital visits. Cardiologists at St. Francis Hospital & Heart Center®—Long Island's most awarded heart program—are nationally recognized leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of all stages of heart failure and the use of heart-assisting technology, including a left ventricular assist device (LVAD).

    St. Francis Hospital Center for Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics

    At the St. Francis Hospital Center for Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics (Roslyn, NY), an inpatient and outpatient team of board-certified heart failure cardiologists and cardiac nurses work together to deliver safe, effective and compassionate care for patients with weakened heart muscles. Our multidisciplinary approach and personalized treatment plans meet the specific health needs for patients at all stages of heart failure.

    Comprehensive treatment options include medical therapy, heart-assisting technology like a ventricular assist device (VAD) and heart-failure management and education. Treatment options depend on the stage of heart failure and the severity of your condition.

    • Acute and end-stage heart failure
    • Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction
    • Heart failure with reduced ejection fraction
    • Pulmonary hypertension

    You may be able to manage your heart failure with medication, diet and exercise. You may also benefit from an intravenous (IV) therapy administered on an outpatient basis. These medications can alleviate the symptoms of heart failure and help you feel better.

    A medical device may be necessary when medication and lifestyle changes are not enough. These include:

    • CardioMEMs. This device helps measures the pressure in your pulmonary artery—an early indicator of worsening heart failure—and allows your heart team to monitor your heart remotely. St. Francis Hospital & Heart Center® has more experience with this device than any other hospital in the country.
    • Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD). This implantable device helps blood pump through your body. For those with late stage heart failure, the LVAD can improve quality of life or serve as a bridge to a heart transplant. The LVAD program at St. Francis Hospital & Heart Center® is certified by The Joint Commission.

    Congestive Heart Failure Services

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