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Smithtown Family Thankful for St. Catherine of Siena Nursing Home

June 3rd, 2020
Josephine Bonsignore

St. Catherine of Siena Nursing & Rehabilitation Care Center resident Josephine Bonsignore recently celebrated her 102nd birthday.

Reaching that milestone was not without its challenges as the long-time Long Island resident recently recovered from a battle with COVID-19.

Upon diagnosis in April, Bonsignore’s daughter, Janet Braune, was understandably worried and was unsure about how she would receive information regarding her mother’s condition. Those concerns were quickly dispelled thanks to the efforts of the professional team at the skilled nursing facility.

“I received constant updates about my mother’s condition,” said Braune. “When they moved her to another room, I was called. When she was tested, I received a call. I always knew what was happening with Mom. Everyone was wonderful!”

Thankfully, Bonsignore had the strength to fight off COVID-19 and has fully recovered.

“She is an unbelievable person and has always been strong from a health standpoint. I believe that helped her fight the virus,” Braune said. “Throughout her life she never took medication. When she recovered, she told me, ‘God wasn’t ready for me.’”

Bonsignore has been a St. Catherine resident for several months after she was injured in a fall at home. During that time, the nursing home staff has become an extended part of her family and has given Braune peace of mind in knowing that her mother is safe and receiving quality care.

“Living in Smithtown and being so close to the nursing home, I was able to see Mom all the time before COVID-19,” Braune said. “Everyone at St. Catherine is so kind and nice. While it has been a crazy time for them, I am so grateful for everything they have done.”

Although limits on visitation to nursing homes across New York remain in place, the efforts of the St. Catherine staff and the use of iPads have allowed Braune and her mother to communicate regularly.

“Using FaceTime, we are able to talk and see one another,” Braune said. “Mom is doing great!”