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Making a Difference in Each Patient Experience

Anthony Anitra

Anthony Anitra loves his job at Catholic Health’s Good Samaritan Hospital. The Director of Patient Experience Anthony is responsible for ensuring that patients are provided the best experience possible. That goes for their family members and visitors, too.

His current role is a long way from where he began 15 years ago as a transporter. “I started out wheeling patients from their rooms to the imaging facilities or the operating room or to the lobby for discharge,” explained Anthony.  “Now I try to steer my fellow employees in the right direction, making sure every patient is experiencing the same high level care that you or I want for our own families.”

Anthony’s attachment to Good Samaritan actually started many years before his first job at the hospital. “I grew up in West Islip; it was always the neighborhood hospital. I came to visit my mother when she gave birth to my little brother. I was only four years old, but it made a powerful impression on me; all of these talented professionals working together to care for my family. I wanted to be part of it all.”

Today, Anthony works each day amplify Catholic Health’s I-CARE values: Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence. “If we all commit to making each patient’s experience with us the very best it can be, we can make a critical difference,” said Anthony.  During his decade and a half with Good Samaritan, Anthony enjoyed Catholic Health’s tuition reimbursement program, earning his MBA from St. Joseph College. “I’m grateful for the degree,” said Anthony. “But the real classroom is here in the hospital. My homework is every patient who relies on us for care and support.”

He credits Catholic Health Chief Medical Officer Jason Golbin, DO, as being the key influencer of his passion for excellence. “Dr. Golbin uses the term ‘force multipliers’ to describe how each of us can lead by example and radiate the kind of winning behaviors that will deliver for our patients. That’s what my job is all about.” said Anthony.

So when does a director of patient experience know he’s making a difference? “It’s in the feedback we get from patients and their families,” said Anthony. “When I get a letter or an email from someone thanking Good Samaritan for the great care we gave their father or daughter, I know that our hard work and dedication is visible to others and highly appreciated.”

He shared an example. “We had a patient who was terminally ill and could not see her son on his eighth birthday because of the COVID visitor restrictions when the surge was at its height,” recalled Anthony. “Our staff secured permission to allow the patient’s son to visit his mother, all wearing the required masks and maintaining six feet of distance. The staff decorated her room, bought a birthday cake and brought in gifts. The team sang happy birthday; later the little boy commented that this was his favorite birthday ever.”

It’s plain to see that for Anthony Anitra and so many of his colleagues, it’s all about the patient experience. “Every patient, every encounter, every time.” 

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