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On September 9, 2021, fraternal triplets Gerardo, Thiago and Axel were born at 30 weeks at Catholic Health’s Mercy Hospital. Gerardo weighed 3lbs 7oz, Thiago 3lbs 7oz, and Axel 3lbs 14oz.

The babies were delivered and cared for by: Dr. Francine Guzman, director of clinical ob/gyn; Dr. Baraa Allaf, chair of maternal-fetal medicine; Dr. Swarna Devarajan, director of neonatology; Dr. Jordana Hannam, attending neonatologist; and a team of nurses, therapist and technicians.

At discharge in late October, all babies weighed over 5lbs after spending a little over a month in Mercy’s Level III NICU.

Their mom Wendy Pacheco Enriquez said it felt like a surreal experience to bring the triplets home as they weren’t a planned pregnancy. She added that she was thankful to all the teams at Mercy Hospital for keeping her and her babies safe.


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